Japan and the Cherry Blossom

Come experience the beauty of Japan in the famous cherry blossom season.

One country that will never stop to constantly inspire you with its simplicity and humbleness yet surprisingly rich culture and setting new examples in technology again and again is definitely none other than Japan. It’s hard to believe how perfectly the country manages to strike a perfect balance between its fast forward lifestyle and its cultural roots. Japan is a home to many attractions, from Mount Fuji to its famous tea culture, gorgeous attire and equally pleasant Japanese people. Another bounty of Japan is the famous cherry blossom season which is a treat to both travelers and to the countrymen and women.

It is during this time that Japan metamorphoses beautifully and reveals its true beauty layer by layer as the season progresses .During the Hanami festival Japan looks exceptionally beautiful in addition to its forever evergreen beauty. Cherry blossom season has been relished for centuries and a lot of poets and artists have not left alone a single chance to appreciate the perfect blend of beauty in its ultimate perfection. There are innumerable examples of forms of art expressing the glory of how breathtakingly beautiful Japanese seasonal beauty seems. Be it folklore, art, music ,literature or music, all of them depict its beauty in all forms possible.

What a treat to  the eyes it is to see the place beautifully decorated with all shades and hues of pink and magenta making it one of the marvels that earth has to offer. If one loves to travel and explore new places and appreciates nature in its pure and untouched form, one can simply not ignore Japan.It is a must on the list for visitors and travelors across the world.

When nature is rejoicing,how can the natives be left behind.Cherry Blossoms is definitely a time of merry making ,togetherness and unity.It is a time when people come together and rejoice and enjoy with outings and common meals and talk and celebrate with fun and laughter.There are positive vibes everywhere. Happiness and good wishes flow in the air.

The beauty of cherry blossoms looks even more bedazzling at night.The nature along with the lightings and the crowd around casts such a spell that you wish if time could just stop at that time. It fulfils all your heartiest childhood wishes of seeing a glittery night scene with the warmth of good company and the music of giggles and chitchat makes you want to stay there forever.

You can experience the beauty of Hanami in cities like Fukuoka,Hiroshima and Tokyo. The months of April and May are perfect to plan the travel. The best thing about enjoying it is that you don’t need a lot of preparations in advance. All you need is a desire to go and then what to wait for, get packing and book your ticket right away to have one of the best experiences in life and why not,we all get only one life and it should be full of good experiences if not a lot of them.…

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Have a Spooktacular Halloween Night in Scotland

Halloween in Scotland is about celebrating the spookiest season, from haunted castles, eerie woodland walks, hair-raising ghost tales to scary activities and having serious fun and getting seriously scared all month long with friends and family. The events and attractions run the gamut is appropriate-for-ages.

Creepy Castles

Edinburgh Castle is arguably known to be one of the most haunted places. But it isn’t the only area that has a ghostly castle. Visit the Green Lady of Fyvie Castle in Aberdeenshire, the Ghostly Piper of Culzean Castle Forfar and more.

Forest of Frights, Inverness

Make your way through the frightful Forest of Frights dressed up in truly terrifying costumes. You will meet famous fairytale characters like the Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. But you’ll also meet something more evil in the form of the Wall of Hands.

The Ghost Tours

It is intended for adult audiences. This world-class ghost and history tours or historic locations with a ghostly connection are for those who are just curious about the country’s dark past or those that believe in the supernatural.

There are a variety of locations depending on where you would like to tour, from Mercat Tours, Edinburgh, Original Witches Tours at St Andrews to The Real Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, and many more.

Scottish International Storytelling Festival, Edinburgh

Story tellers visitors from North America, Europe, and the Pacific regions perform alongside Scotland’s brilliant storytelling talent, with a closing weekend marking the ancient Celtic New Year of Samhain/Halloween. The festival mixes commissioned performances, landscape tours, and ceilidhs with talks and storytelling. Evening events guarantee warm nights for the adults alongside a rich program of family-friendly activities in sorts of locations around the city

Samhuinn Festival

It involves folk in Halloween costumes walking around, enjoying live entertainment, listening to music, and having a good time. Traditionally held on the 1 November, this event is one of the city’s best and most interesting traditional events for adults at Halloween.

It is believed to celebrate and marks All Saint Day – when the dead were thought to return to earth to walk among the living. The parade part of the event runs from 7 to 10 pm, and the after-party continues from 9 pm until around 2 am.

Halloween Drive-Thru, Riverside Museum

It is a neighborhood that offers film lovers free drive-in movie nights on October 30th. There are two opportunities available for your viewing pleasure. At 6 pm, the Hocus Pocus will be on the big screen, which is a family-friendly classic. Then, at 9 pm, things get a little more sinister as the slasher classic, Friday the 13 take over. The shows are free, but you will need to reserve a spot in advance.

In addition to the above list, Scotland has a lot to offer visitors and residents in the form of Halloween events that are sure to spook the young and old alike and can be enjoyed on your own or part of a group.

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