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              Century Energy won the "2009 China Enterprise Marketing Innovation Award"

              日期:2009-12-14 18:45:57

              On December 11, the seventh grand ceremony of China Marketing hosted by Sales

              and Marketing magazine and Shandong Satellite TV was held grandly in Marriott

              Beijing Northeast. Accredited by the Jury, Dezhou Century Energy won the "2009

              China Enterprise Marketing Innovation Award—Highest Sales Effectiveness Award".

              Deputy Chairman Liu Haidong was present at the awarding ceremony and collected

              the medal and the trophy on behalf of Century Energy.

              Organization committee made comments like this, "On one hand, Century Energy has

              built strong partnership with famous developers of wind farm in the field, grasping the

              latest trend of the world wind power technology; on the other hand, Century Energy

              unites horizontally with leading wind turbine manufacturers to realize information sharing

              on technology, market development and data. Although it's not so long since Century

              Energy stepped into the green energy market of wind turbine blades, it can innovate

              constantly to prance and rewrite the speedup record among industry peers."

              With the vigorous development of wind power industry, Century Energy quickly made

              outstanding achievements in the field of manufacturing wind turbine blades with the

              company's development strategy of "based on high starting point, bringing in high

              technology, developing high-grade, precision and advanced technology and creating

              high efficiency". Depending on the strong enterprise strength, Century Energy has

              founded professionally manufacturing base for MW class wind turbine blades,

              integrating R&D, manufacture, sales and services. Century Energy is honored as an

              unexpected winner in the field, because it is the only one that adopts three-in-one

              development model of "blade profile design, mold manufacture and blade production".

              Contributed by large-scale production capability, high standard products quality and

              honest management concept, the company's sales network has extended to every part

              of China and achieved a great success. Owing to the innovative marketing method

              "The Quick", the total amount of orders has reached RMB 820 million by the first half of

              year 2009, creating a sales miracle in the industry and changing the marketing model

              of wind turbine industry. Based on this point, organization committee granted the special

              award to our company.

              Meanwhile, there're other enterprises who gained "2009 China Enterprise Marketing

              Innovation Award", such as Amway (China), Legend Group, Alibaba (China), Suning

              Electric Appliance, Aokang, Skyworth, Bull Group, Sohu and other famous enterprises.

              It's said that the currently-held ceremony aimed to encourage those excellent enterprises

              that have made constant innovation in products, technology and operation mode to win

              more customers, change competition pattern and improve their profitability.

              Professor Zhou Tingrui, School of Business of People's University, awards Vice Chairman Liu of our company.

              Century Energy wins the "Marketing Innovation Award".

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