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              No "Labor Shortage" in Century Energy

              日期:2010-3-3 15:39:38

              On March 2, the large scene of over 2,000 people's job interview which is still visible

              before the eyes attracted considerable attention from the media and the society.

              Dezhou Daily published a piece of photo news entitled with "Three People Competing

              for One Post". In spite of the chilling weather, nearly 400 employees selected in

              advance came to handle the enrolling procedure. After the Spring Festival many

              enterprises are facing with the shortage of labor resource owing to employees' hopping

              and resigning, however, there's no "Labor Shortage" in Century Energy.

              It's said that most of the employees originally worked outside. After the festival, they

              began to seek jobs. The strong momentum of development and the generous salary

              attracted them to choose Century Energy. They said there's no need to find a job far

              away, because there're such good jobs at home.

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