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              Our company's 1.5MW aeroblade has received Germanischer Lloyd (GL) Certification

              日期:2009-5-16 13:43:18

              The Design Center of the Century Energy has been set up in Early May 2009. The

              company has introduced advanced designing technology from Aerodyn of German and

              Wang Wenqi is our Technical Adviser. This is the first team of China composed of a

              lot of excellent engineers and technical elite with the designing capacity of the profile of

              the wind turbine blade. The team will design 3.0MW offshore aeroblades dependently

              according to the wind characteristics of China with complete independent intellectual

              property rights, which shall strengthen our company’s core competitiveness.

              Leaders of the Century Energy and GmbH take a photo.
              (left: Liu Haidong   middle: Pro.Jim    right: Gao Yanhua)

              Wind Power Expert Wang Wenqi takes a picture with Pro.Jim.

              Chairman of the Board Gao Yanhua takes a photo with Pro.Jim.

              Chen Zhiping and Pro.Jim take a photo.

              General Manager Liu Haidong and Pro.Jim take a photo.

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