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              Mr. Jiang Daming, Governor of Shandong Province, inspected our company

              日期:2009-7-1 9:13:20

              On the afternoon of July 1, Mr. Jiang Daming, Governor of Shandong Province, inspected our

              company, accompanied by Lei Jianguo, Secretary of the CPC Dezhou Municipal Committee,

              Wu Cuiyun, Major of Dezhou, Li Shimin, Secretary of CPC Lingxian Committee, Ma Junyun,

              County Major of Lingxian People's Government and other leaders of the city and county.

              On the stock ground, Gao Yanhua, Chairman of the Board of Midsouth Holdings, gave an

              report and had a talk with Governor Jiang on company development planning, the new energy

              industry development goal and other issues. President of Midsouth Holdings, Gao Yanguo

              reported to Governor Jiang the history of Midsouth Holdings in detail, focusing on the R&D,

              production and sales of wind turbine blades in Century Energy. Having learnt that Midsouth

              Holdings has developed into a modern listed company from a cottage business, the products

              have developed from unitary to diversity, and Century Energy is miraculously rising in the

              project of wind turbine blade industry, Governor Jiang spoke highly of our leaders' enterprise

              spirits of courage, innovation and grittiness, and encouraged Midsouth Holdings to constantly

              keep the rapid development tendency, especially seize the policies that the state encourages

              the industrial development of new energy, and enlarge and strengthen the wind turbine blade


              It's said that Midsouth Holdings was one of the key enterprises that Governor Jiang especially

              inspect in Dezhou, one of the two in Lingxian. It inflects that the rapid development of our

              company has gained the recognition of the government and the society and company's

              social influence is growing increasingly.

              Governor Jiang takes a picture with Chairman Gao Yanhua and President Gao Yanguo.

              Gao Yanhua, Chairman of the Board of Midsouth Holdings, has an on-site talk with Governor Jiang.

              所屬類別: 特別報道