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              Ambassador Xie Hangsheng and his wife inspected our company

              日期:2009-7-2 9:22:29

              On July 2, Ambassador Xie Hangsheng and his wife came to inspect our company,

              accompanied by Li Xixin, Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor of Dezhou, Li

              Shimin, Secretary of CPC Lingxian Committee, and Ma Junyun, County Major of Lingxian

              People's Government and city and county leaders.

              At the stock yard, Gao Yanguo, President of Midsouth Holdings and Chairman of

              Dezhou Century Energy, gave a detailed introduction to the delegation headed by

              Ambassador Xie about Midsouth Holdings and the development of wind turbineblades

              in Century Energy. Luo Wenyi, Executive General Manager of Century Energy, gave

              an account of the manufacturing process and the productivity of blades and had a

              deep talk with Ambassador Xie on the application of blades.

              Denmark is the country who makes use of the wind power resource more successfully.

              Ambassador Xie shared how to use wind energy and other information with leaders of

              our company. Ambassador Xie thought Century Energy had the capacity of entering a

              larger MW-class wind power market and encouraged our company to enlarge and

              strengthen the industry of wind turbine blades to devote much more to thedevelopment

              of new energy industry in China.

                                   Ambassador Xie hears President Gao introducing the work.

              Ambassador Xie has an on-site conversation with Executive General Manager Luo Wenyi.

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