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              Leaders from Goldwind Science and Technology visited our company

              日期:2009-9-29 15:18:58

              On September 29, a delegation of 6 people headed by Cao Zhigang, Vice President

              of Goldwind Science and Technology, came to visit our company and inspected the

              cooperation program on wind power.

              The delegation, accompanied by Century Energy General Manager Liu Haidong,

              Operating Director Luo Wenyi, Technical Director Jing Defa and other leaders of

              Century Energy, visited and inspected stock ground, production workshops and mold

              workshops of wind turbine blades, and nacelle production workshops and lab in

              Midsouth. The delegation listened attentively to the description of the production of

              wind turbine blade in Century Energy. They not only set a high value on the development

              of our company in the speed and scale, but also gave recognition to our wind turbine


              Subsequently, the delegation and our company leaders had a deep conversation to

              exchange opinions on the further cooperation. The arrival of Goldwind delegation has

              laid a foundation for the development of our company.

              The delegation visit our lab.

              The delegation learn mold production process.

              President Liu introduces the production of wind turbine blade to them.

              They are deep in a conversation and exchange ideas.

              所屬類別: 特別報道