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              Century Energy held the first Supplier Exchange Conference in 2010

              日期:2010-1-30 15:35:33

              On January 29, 2010, Century Energy grandly held the first Supplier Exchange

              Conference at Solar Valley Microemission Hotel in Dezhou city. Over 80 supplier

              representatives from more than 50 enterprises attended the conference.

              At the conference which lasted nearly two hours, President Liu Haidong, General

              Manager Luo Wenyi, Vice President Li Honglie, Technical Director Jing Defa and

              Mold Director Zhang Dehai respectively made a detailed description on the development

              strategy, market status, production situation, financial status, technical quality control,

              mold manufacture and purchasing policy, ect., which enabled suppliers to get a more

              comprehensive understanding on our company. Chairman Gao Yanguo delivered an

              important speech, "In order to steadily implement the fixed strategic planning, our

              company will carry out and deepen a series of successful management strategies to

              step up the core competitiveness, including deepening the 'Four-high' development

              strategy, 'The Quick' strategy and the brand development strategy and bring the cost-

              competitive strategy into force. Meanwhile, Century Energy will establish and keep a

              new win-win relationship with strategic suppliers on the business development in the

              future by building a sustainable community of interests and destiny, implementing the

              operational thinking on integration and coordination, making the supply direction

              systematical and modularized, realizing parallel R & D, lean production, and agile

              manufacturing." At last, Chairman Gao Yanguo offered a sincere invitation to all the

              suppliers and he hoped more excellent suppliers would cooperate with Century

              Energy to dedicate the best wind turbine blades to China's wind energy market. In

              addition, Peng Sai, Account Manager of Dow Chemical, and Liu Yanhong, Deputy

              General Manager of SC as supplier representatives offered a speech to express the

              hope to advance with Century Energy hand by hand, and express congratulations to

              Century Energy for our rapid development and great achievements.

              To express the sincere gratitude to the supplier enterprises for their constant and

              tremendous support to Century Energy, our company made an objective evaluation

              and then respectively granted Dow Chemical and other six enterprises the "Best

              Contribution Award" and other awards.

              After the conference, accompanied by President Liu Haidong, General Manager Luo

              Wenyi, Vice President Li Honglie, supplier representatives came to our company and

              visited the stock grand and the production workshops, which made them have a

              clearer and more intuitive understanding on the development of our company.

              The supplier conference was a great success and it made the suppliers have a whole

              understanding of the present and future development of our company and our

              purchasing procedures, and was of great significance to strengthen suppliers'

              confidence in cooperating with our company to achieve win-win in the future.

              Chairman Gao Yanguo, President Liu Haidong, General Manager Luo Wenyi and Deputy President Li Honglie give a full description of our company in terms of the development strategy, business condition and purchasing policy.

              Supplier representatives make a speech.

              Medal presentation and group photos

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