Things to Consider when Visiting Italy: Top Travel Tips

Italy is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Its culture, historic buildings, and vibrant nightlife are a few reasons why this city receives a huge number of tourists each year. Apart from Italy’s inspiring attractions, you also need to know some essential aspects before visiting this city.

Given below are some of the best travel tips that can make your trip to Italy more safe and enjoyable.

What type of Public Transport is more suitable?

One of the major modes of public transportation in Italy is the bus. These buses cover almost every part of the city and are available 24 hours a day. Apart from this, you can also take advantage of the metro or tram system if such services are available in the close vicinity.

Taxis also offer transportation services for the commuters, but this is a costly affair. If you want to save some money while traveling, try to use the bus, tram or online ride-hailing services like Uber. These are the cheaper modes of transportation available in Italy.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Rome is from the months of April to October. Although Italy looks beautiful in almost every month of the year, it is better to avoid visiting this city during summer. This is the time when most of the tourist attractions are overcrowded.

In addition, summer is particularly hot in Italy, which may not be suitable for you if you are coming from a colder area. Moreover, in order to explore this city to unfold its true glory, you should wear comfortable shoes.

Keep some Cash with you

There are still various places in Italy, which only accept cash. Therefore, it is essential to keep a sufficient amount of cash with you. Before visiting Italy, make sure to notify your bank to prevent any chances of getting your credit or debit card freeze. After arriving at the airport, draw some amount from the ATM so that you don’t face any issues initially.

Water Bottle

When roaming around in the streets of Italy, you may suffer dehydration. To avoid any health risk, try to hydrate yourself after regular intervals. Especially, during summer days, you must try to avoid health risks like heatstroke by drinking as much water as you can. You must carry a water bottle when visiting different attractions or tourist spots. Numerous drinking water facilities available in the city will allow you to refill your bottle.

Avoid Petty Criminal Activities

Since a large number of tourists visit this place every year, you may expect overcrowded spots. This means that you must keep your belongings safe by avoiding such crowded areas. This serves as an ideal way to make your journey more safe and enjoyable.

Especially, when commuting via Public transportation, you need to be careful. Trains and buses are the hotspots for the pickpockets. Hide your purse at an unusual place such as your backpack. If possible, keep only the most essential belongings with and leave the rest at a place where you are staying, such as a hotel room or hostel.